Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Is Approaching

Well, one of my little darlings had a birthday yesterday and is officially 3 years old...the other little darling will be 5 in a week.  Where did the time go?  I distinctly remember bringing Ollie home from the hospital, only to go back every day for a week (a story for another day), right before Christmas.  It was the best Christmas in so many ways, a new life, a sweet baby, a baby sister...but was terrible in a lot of other ways. 

Families are funny, just when you think they will shine...they are stinky and don't...but when you think they will be negligent, they are amazing.  The dynamics are weird, but I couldn't live without them.  Christmas is 4 days away and my nuclear family is tight, living with my mom waiting on the new house, but what's funny is my other family, the one with brothers and mothers and fathers seems to be equally tight this year.  It's funny how life changing events, even as bad as divorce, can really change the dynamics for the better. 

I am very lucky to have the family that I do!!  I listen to all the heart wrenching stories out there, and feel amazingly blessed.  Thank you for the life I have, for the husband, children, friends and family that I have!  Life is good, even when it's bad...when you have people that love you!  Christmas is approaching and I think that old giddy feeling is coming back!  I've always loved Christmas, and even though it's not always perfect and people don't always act the way I think they should, I still do!  Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OK, so this is my first post...not sure that I can keep up a blog, but one of my best buddies follows like 1000 blogs and thinks everyone should have one. She's even gotten me hooked on a few...that do seem to inspire my creative side...I just can't wait to get into my new house to put some of those ideas, or maybe inspirations, into action. There is so much to do!
I can't wait to see the transformation...hopefully it will be quite dramatic...
Thanks Shelley - you know I'll be calling for your assistance!!!
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