Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My How Time Flies...

So, my last post was at the end of October.  While I had grand plans to post about our Halloween party, the cute costumes my family wore etc...two days before the big day (or the night of our Halloween party) one of the girls came down with the stomach flu. The girls were staying with my dad and step-mom, who didn't bother to call step-mom just stayed up all night washing sheets and pajamas and taking amazing care of my baby.  That is love!  Anywho, that was late Saturday night, by Monday the little one came home from school throwing up...and there it  nightfall we all had it...  I don't think it would be too bold to say that WE ALL WANTED TO DIE!!! 
It was awful.  So there was October.

Oh and around the middle of October, I committed to host a Christmas party at my house on December 15th.  My first inclination was to scream politely say no, but then I thought...I do my best work when I have a I agreed to host the party (I'm on the board of an amazing non-profit and wanted to show my support, and the CEO is the one that asked if I would host) there went November.  Not to mention Thanksgiving, which was at my house too.

Oh and did I mention that the last time I saw my camera was on Halloween...still hasn't turned up and I haven't wanted to buy another one as the one that is missing is the one we bought after our big honkin' DSLR went belly up.  So, there is another excuse reason I haven't posted. 

Monday of this week, my little one was sent home from school with head lice...REALLY...could there be anything worse?  NO, the answer is a resounding NO!!!!  So I get home and we start burning washing everything is HOT water, washing everyone's hair with lice shampoo and start nit-picking...if you didn't know...this is where the term comes from.  So Tuesday, we think we're good, it's the little's birthday so I pick up donuts to take to school only to find out that she can't stay.  If you've ever been through know HOW BAD IT SUCKS. 

So, here we are four days before Christmas.  Home again from work with the little...because at this point I think her school is evil and is singling us out because they won't let her come back... Oh and I'm out of PTO.  Yay!

That is a lot of fun details as to why I haven't posted.  I'm sorry, I will catch up!  I have done many an amazing project and will share details and updates...but again no befores, because there is no camera.  I borrowed my parent's camera just to snap some Christmas pics of the girls and while I had it I ran around the house snapping pics of all that I have completed recently...along with Christmas decor, which you are soon to be tired of.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Know that even though we have had chaos around here, we will have a great Christmas because my babies are a great age for Christmas and are SO excited to see what Santa brings.

Monday, October 31, 2011

OMG...I've been featured!!!

I'm a relative newbie to this whole blog thing, but have to admit it's a bit addicting.  I've recently started linking some of my projects to various linky parties (OK, so every linky I can find!).  I got an email this morning showing that my link was one of the top 10 links viewed by party goers...I can't believe it!

Go see my Hallway Before & After and give Delightful Order some love!!!



Friday, October 28, 2011

Giveaway over at Crazy Wonderful

If you haven't been over to Crazy Wonderful...don't walk, run...  Shelley is amazingly talented, and not afraid to tackle any project.  I'm lucky enough to call her a friend outside of blogland, but she is also my blog buddy and her blog is A-MAZ-ING!!  I don't see you running yet...GO!

Shelley is giving away an adorable burlap clutch, two personalized mugs and some insect magnets...


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting Started Is The Hardest Part!

I've finally started on some projects around the house! I've been sitting around contemplating (while being overwhelmed at the sheer volume) what needed to be done for some time...not sure where to start.  Well, last week I jumped in with both feet. 

This is the back hallway in our house.  There is a laundry area (not really a room), a closet, a bathroom, a door to the pool, and a door to the garage.  Most of our house has a maple colored wood paneling, so needless to say there is a LOT of painting in my future...and after seeing how good it can look I am motivated to keep going.

Hall Before:

I had already pulled off the vinyl grasscloth wallpaper, so all that was left was to spray the walls with wallpaper remover and sponge off the wallpaper glue. 
This process was pretty easy, which doesn't seem to be my luck!

Hall During:

I primed both the walls and woodwork with two coats of Valspar Muti-Purpose Primer.
Above, the walls were painted BM Galveston Gray colormatched to Behr's Eggshell Enamel (latex), and the white woodwork was painted with BM Chantilly Lace color matched to Behr Semi-Gloss Enamel (latex) paint.  The type of paint was a tough decision, because I've always used Oil Based paint on woodwork, but because of the amount of wood I have to paint, I thought I would try the quicker drying latex version...Finger's crossed.

Hall After:

The floor is still taped off, because the white still needs another coat, and if you notice the bifold doors on the right...those will eventually be replaced by new bifold doors and painted the same BM Gray as the other doors.  The other thing you might notice is the lovely turquoise speckled laminate tiles we have on the floor.  We will replace the floor at some point, but it's just not in the budget yet.

I'm so pleased with how the gray doors turned out!  I am planning to paint the rest of the paneling the same white and all of the doors on the first floor with the darker gray.  I am also thinking this is the color I will be painting my kitchen cabinets...but those are down a little further on the list.

I hope you like them too!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Garage Sale was a Success...and New Ovens!!!

A bit rainy, only open 5 or 6 hours, but $600 later...not a waste of a day!
Plus, I went on Monday, Columbus Day (a bank holiday and my day off) and ordered our new ovens...
I sure look forward to having both ovens work!

JKP75SPSS GE 27" Built-In Convection/Thermal Wall Oven - Stainless Steel
Add caption

Now, I just need to save up for a new dishwasher, stove, hood,
and probably new washer and dryer! 
Oh the joys of home ownership...oh and speaking of, I've started pulling down more wallpaper...I have a list of projects and a deadline... I've been asked to host a party in just over 2 months! Awww...  I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Garage Sale Time

So, I'm having a garage sale Saturday... It amazes me that year after year I have enough stuff to have a garage sale, much less the energy.  Garage sales are a lot of work!!!  If you've ever had one you know what I'm talking about.


A few years ago I changed my tactics...I stopped marking things.  This is the part I've always hated the most, so I just stopped.  I realized that if something is marked $2.00 and a shopper thought that was too much, they would just walk on.  As people walk up to my sale, I tell them to make me an offer, we're ready to bargain...and you know works.  I really think I make more money doing it this way, than when I took the time to mark stuff... 
At least that's my theory!

Tips for trolling those Estate Sales
Wish me luck!

Big money, big money, big money...mama needs a new oven! 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Slipcovered Sofa

If you've read my blog before, you may have seen my collage wall post. 
Well in most of the photos there is a long gray sofa, that you may or may not have noticed.
I thought I would show you a little before, and after. 
I found the sofa at an estate sale.  It was $70.00, which was truthfully more than I wanted to pay since it was ugly, but I went back on the last day and it was half price, which made it $35.00. 
I offerred them $30.00 and they accepted.   Woohoo!
I ran and borrowed my dad's truck (man buying furniture is a pain without a truck of my own), grabbed my husband, threw the kids in the back and we ran and picked it up.  Surprisingly, my hubs didn't say much or complain...which is not the norm.  Anywho, I assured him that I was going to slipcover it and it would look amazing.  Needless to say, he was a bit skeptical...I sew a little, but had never made a slipcover...  I told him to trust me.

See the ugly brown fabric underneath?  Funny thing is that it was already slipcovered with a mossy green floral print when I bought it, but I forgot to snap a picture before pulling it off and throwing it away.  It was very musty smelling so we needed to get it out of the house. 

Even though it was ugly, it is a solid sofa with heavy down cushions...I feel pretty lucky to have scored it at such a great price.

I then called my good friend, Shelley from Crazy Wonderful, the same friend that helped me with the collage wall...and asked if she would assist me in making the slipcover. She was awesome.  She gave her time and expertise, and amazingly we got 'er done, she helped me pin, but I did all of the sewing.  Here is the semi-final product.  I say semi-final, because it's a sofa from maybe the 60s and is really low to the ground.  I plan to put longer legs on it at some point.

I had planned to cover it with the painter's dropcloth I hear so much about, but decided that I might like a little darker color. I found some light gray cotton duck at half price at Joann's, so that's what I ended up going with. I probably spent about $125 on fabric, so all in all it was about a $150 sofa.
If you are thinking about making a slipcover, I say go for it, but go watch Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial videos first (she's my hero).  I watched all of them several times before I started.  I would even go back and watch them during just to build my confidence!

It's not perfect, but I am so proud of it!  This slipcover was a huge accomplishment for me!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween is Coming...

For those of you that don't know me...I LOVE HALLOWEEN! 
We've had an annual costume party for the past 5 years, excluding 2010 because we were moving. 
I love to dress up, and I love to see what other people dress up as. 
Funny thing about costume parties is that every year people say to me
"I'll come, but I'm not going to dress up...",
I respect that, but think to myself "you're going to feel left out and next year you'll dress up" and you know what it always happens.  In 2009, every guest was dressed in a costume! I call that victory!  

Make a cauldron with tissue paper and Christmas lights.  Put drinks in it?
I love to cook and make fun hors d'oeuvres and decorate my house in scary dramatic decorations.

Meatloaf zombie hand!

Shrunken Heads in Cider.      

   I'm trying to convince my other half that we need to continue the tradition, because while I LOVE to entertain, he HATES there is always some issues around having any type of gathering. 
Not to mention that I usually spend too much money and try to do too much to the house before the party, which he says throws me in to "pre-event mode".  When people ask how it's going the day or week before the party, he'll say in a not amusing tone... "Katherine is totally pre-event".  And to use a qualifier that he can't stand, "I come by it honestly"...and I say that because my mom is totatlly the same way!

the witch is in (LOVE)

While, I've assured him that I won't get out of hand this year, that I will enlist friends to bring hors d'oevres etc., I don't know that he's convinced we'll see the jury is still out.

@Jen M, for Charlie's b-day?
 I'll let you know what he decides...but please know, you're invited too!  The more the merrier scarier!!

(How did I ever have a party before Pinterest...SO many great ideas!!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Don't forget to enter, your odds are amazing, but it ends at Midnight!!!

I'm having a giveaway and your odds are amazing, so far I only have one friend entered...

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Good Luck!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

GIVEAWAY - My Memories Digital Scrapbooking

My Memories digital scrapbooking kits and scrapbook software

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the people at, asking me to try out their
digital scrapbooking software. 

Check it out:

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what this software can do...I love that I can just choose a layout and drop pictures into it, but you can also digital scrapbook too! It's just like you do with scissors and embellishments.  I'm a scrapbooker, but all of those projects have been pushed aside to work on projects around the house... I know you know what I'm talking about. 

Here is an example of some stock albums:

Scrapbooking is fun and fulfilling, but it is REALLY timeconsuming. 

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking will help you finish all of those albums you've been meaning to get around to.  I have a computer full of digital pictures that I need to get developed, much less scrapbook.  Dropping pictures into the above layouts,
seriously only took me about 20 minutes and most of that time
was just spent picking the pictures...
cropping and dropping the pictures took no time at all!

The folks at are not only giving one reader a code to download the scrapbooking suite free, they are also giving my readers a discount code so you can purchase the software for yourself.  Think of all the albums you could make and give out for you have grandparents constantly begging for pictures? 
Make them an album!!!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Days...

My babies are growing seems like yesterday that I had two itty bitty babies, and now one is starting Kindergarten and the other one is starting  Preschool.  It's funny, I was more nervous about Ollie starting Preschool, than I was Harper starting Kindergarten...but Harper had been in preschool for 3 years, and Ollie had only been at an in-home daycare... 

Man oh man, do they surprise me every time!


Ollie didn't bat an eye, she saw the other kids, threw her backpack at me and ran off...I had to remind her to give me a kiss and a hug - Stinker!!

Idea inspired by Pinterest

Harper was SO ready for Kindergarten!!  I know she loves it because when I go to pick her up from latchkey, she doesn't want to leave...

WOW!!  I love those little rascals and time is going too fast!



Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Woo Hoo...WUSLU

Have you ever heard of WUSLU?  Wuslu is a really cool site that finds crazy unique items and then sells one item a day at a great price... I get the emails every day and try very hard NOT to buy them all (you know, for budget reasons), but today I couldn't resist!  Check out these bad boys:

They were $24.50 for both baskets and shipping is always just $5.00.  I can't wait to get them and start using them.  We just started Kindergarten in our house and we have crazy amounts of paper coming home and I just can't keep up.  I've taken to taping important docs to my kitchen cabinets so that I remember to send them/sign them/keep them etc.  I have the perfect place in mind to hang them too...  If it doesn't take me 6 weeks to post again, maybe I'll show you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ahhhh Summer....

Ahhh, the joys of eating a popsickle and letting it run all over you....Gotta love Summer!! 

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Linkin' Up...Come Party With ME!!

I've heard that the way to expose your blog is to link up with various linky parties...well here goes! 
I'm attempting to joining the following linky parties:

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Good Friend & A Collage Wall

So, I have this amazingly talented friend, may know her from her blog Crazy Wonderful, who came over on a number of occassions (taking time away from her projects) to help me make a massive slipcover for a $30 sofa I purchased at an estate sale. (More on the sofa later.)  Anywho, while she was at my house one day, she tripped over noticed all of my stacks of framed photos that were laying all over the place.  She suggested we do a collage wall and I threw my arms around her and jumped for joy said that I would love to have her help.  I don't know about any of you, but I knew where my stuff went at my old house, I put in place, and virtually never moved it.  I'm not one of those people who move stuff around the house on a whim, although I kinda like the idea and may try it more in this house...we'll see.  I have been struggling with where to put stuff, so this was a golden opportunity.

So you can see that we just started laying the frames and miscellaneous items out on the floor, moving and fixing and seeing what looked right.

It's fun to see pictures of my girls as babies, me and T from our honeymoon mixed in with some of Harper's artwork, monogrammed silver platters and monograms...It turned out so cute!  I needed some inspiration and Shelley is never afraid to dive in! 

That's a good friend!

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