Friday, February 11, 2011

Big News In Our House

My little princess lost her first tooth...I can't believe she's old enough to lose her baby teeth.



Is she losing her "babyness" too?  On one hand, I can't wait to have her lose her babyish ways, you know, the crying drama queen act that she's perfected...on the other hand I don't want her to grow up.  Any time I tell her how big she's getting, she looks at me with a coy smile and says "but, Mommmm, I'll always be your baby girl", that is when she's not sarcastically saying "what, are you gonna cry" have to know her little personality.  She is the smartest, most precocious (not sure that's spelled right), most outgoing yet shy, lovable, sarcastic, at times foul mouthed, beautiful baby girl you ever will meet.  How time flies...

OK, I know you're dying to see the new's coming next!


Shelley said...

Yay Harper!!!! I still can't believe she's this old already!

Anonymous said...

love to feel her lips wrapped around my d--k sucking me

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