Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T-Ball - Fun Times!!!

I am very lucky to have two beautiful, healthy, strong-willed little girls - that being said - the strong-willed part drives me crazy!  My family tells me that it's only right that I would have children that are incredibly opinionated and head strong...I say that's just crazy!  I definately believe in the nature part of the nature vs. nurture argument, because I didn't teach them to be this way, they were BORN with it!

I played T-Ball, and then later Soft Ball - and I loved it, I was good at it... so it's hard to watch them wallow, not listen, do what they want, and really only get excited when they gets snacks at the end of the game, but alas, they are only 3 and 5 so, I'm hoping this is just part of it!

Here are some pictures of the little stinkers from tonight's game...

Two girls ready to play ball...
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And then this is what the little one did the whole time...that is...
 when she wasn't requesting a drink or snack!

You've got to love it...right?!

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HammBone said...

lmao! I put Jeremy in soccer for a season. I thought he would be a natural. he was a natural at running in circles, out of bounds, giving grandma a slap on the leg...and asking for drinks and snacks. Love it! So excited to see some home remodeling!

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