Thursday, October 6, 2011

Garage Sale Time

So, I'm having a garage sale Saturday... It amazes me that year after year I have enough stuff to have a garage sale, much less the energy.  Garage sales are a lot of work!!!  If you've ever had one you know what I'm talking about.


A few years ago I changed my tactics...I stopped marking things.  This is the part I've always hated the most, so I just stopped.  I realized that if something is marked $2.00 and a shopper thought that was too much, they would just walk on.  As people walk up to my sale, I tell them to make me an offer, we're ready to bargain...and you know works.  I really think I make more money doing it this way, than when I took the time to mark stuff... 
At least that's my theory!

Tips for trolling those Estate Sales
Wish me luck!

Big money, big money, big money...mama needs a new oven! 


HammBone said...

I did the same thing. I had one in April and did not price ONE thing. Worked great. Got rid of a ton of stuff.

Andrea said...

Oh man, I hope it went well. I had one last September and it was soooooooo much work. Hope you made tons of money!

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