Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My How Time Flies...

So, my last post was at the end of October.  While I had grand plans to post about our Halloween party, the cute costumes my family wore etc...two days before the big day (or the night of our Halloween party) one of the girls came down with the stomach flu. The girls were staying with my dad and step-mom, who didn't bother to call step-mom just stayed up all night washing sheets and pajamas and taking amazing care of my baby.  That is love!  Anywho, that was late Saturday night, by Monday the little one came home from school throwing up...and there it  nightfall we all had it...  I don't think it would be too bold to say that WE ALL WANTED TO DIE!!! 
It was awful.  So there was October.

Oh and around the middle of October, I committed to host a Christmas party at my house on December 15th.  My first inclination was to scream politely say no, but then I thought...I do my best work when I have a I agreed to host the party (I'm on the board of an amazing non-profit and wanted to show my support, and the CEO is the one that asked if I would host) there went November.  Not to mention Thanksgiving, which was at my house too.

Oh and did I mention that the last time I saw my camera was on Halloween...still hasn't turned up and I haven't wanted to buy another one as the one that is missing is the one we bought after our big honkin' DSLR went belly up.  So, there is another excuse reason I haven't posted. 

Monday of this week, my little one was sent home from school with head lice...REALLY...could there be anything worse?  NO, the answer is a resounding NO!!!!  So I get home and we start burning washing everything is HOT water, washing everyone's hair with lice shampoo and start nit-picking...if you didn't know...this is where the term comes from.  So Tuesday, we think we're good, it's the little's birthday so I pick up donuts to take to school only to find out that she can't stay.  If you've ever been through know HOW BAD IT SUCKS. 

So, here we are four days before Christmas.  Home again from work with the little...because at this point I think her school is evil and is singling us out because they won't let her come back... Oh and I'm out of PTO.  Yay!

That is a lot of fun details as to why I haven't posted.  I'm sorry, I will catch up!  I have done many an amazing project and will share details and updates...but again no befores, because there is no camera.  I borrowed my parent's camera just to snap some Christmas pics of the girls and while I had it I ran around the house snapping pics of all that I have completed recently...along with Christmas decor, which you are soon to be tired of.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Know that even though we have had chaos around here, we will have a great Christmas because my babies are a great age for Christmas and are SO excited to see what Santa brings.
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