Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm so confused...

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This whole thing with GFC going away is so confusing. First I added Linky Followers, but I still don't really know how to use it, it's new and I haven't spent any time on that's really my fault, but it doesn't look like the Dashboard in Blogger...and I like the Dashboard in Blogger!!  Today I added Bloglovin' which you should check out, because so far it may be the one I use the most, but at this point...who knows?!
I hope you will follow me somewhere...

I don't know why GFC is going away, that is just a poor decision on Google's part if you ask me, but they didn't.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some times you just gotta take a hammer to it...and a Giveaway at Crazy Wonderful!!

So...after my girls weekend, Monday was President's Day.  I spent Monday cleaning out my closet while watching the show Hoarders.  Have you ever done that?  It made me want to throw out everything... I'm not a Hoarder, but that show made me question it. 

Anyway, I know you've heard me talk about my lovely 60s kitchen.  Well, I guess I snapped because I went in and took a hammer to a portion of the backsplash.  This was not a well thought out plan...because as soon as I did it, I thought about the fact that I really need to replace the counters before I can replace the backsplash.  I've decided that I'm OK with it, because sometimes I just need to feel like I'm seeing progress...even if it takes awhile.

This is the area I demolished worked on. This picture was taken the day we moved in:

This is the after:

I've since found out that because there is so much left over adhesive, it may be easier to cut out the sheet rock and replace it.  No biggie, right?!


My friend Shelley at Crazy Wonderful is having a great giveaway!!! 

Guess what you could win!!!

Ramsign is offering one lucky reader one of their gorgeous house number signs (1-5 digits) of ANY size and color.

International readers, you can get in on this too!

Go check out Shelley's giveaway!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Girls Weekend...Score!!

I took a girls trip to Kansas City this weekend where I scored the following for Harper's room from Urban Outfitters:

View Product
Regular price $79.00
Online Sale Price: $59.00
Price in Store: $19.99 - SCORE!!

What did you think I was talking about...?!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dream Kitchen

I live in a house that looks like 1965. 

The counters are cracked turqouise laminate, and the floor is turquoise speckled tiles (that are starting to come up) and up until recently we had all matching brown appliances.

While I have made some changes, like stripping wallpaper, painting wood paneling, updating curtains etc.  My progress is slow.  We will never (at least not in any forseeable future) be able to gut the kitchen and start from scratch.  Things have been a bit slow at work, so I find myself daydreaming...A LOT!  I search the internet for tile options and flooring ideas until I'm bleary eyed, but I think a plan is slowing starting to formulate in my mind's eye as to how I want our kitchen to look.  I had the white cabinets in our first house and liked them, however I find myself dreaming of a dark rich kitchen with black or dark gray cabinets.  I first thought black, then started painting some of the doors in the house dark gray and thought definately gray, but I'm back to black. 

I found the following picture on and can I tell ya....I'm in LOVE!!!

custom cabinetry updates kitchen

I had originally planned to paint the cabinets we have, but am now thinking we should replace the doors.  The doors above are so modern looking, and although I had been planning on a white backplash, I like the subtle blue...but maybe not on the floor. 

Has anyone just replaced the doors in their kitchen, and not replaced all of the cabinets too?  I would love to know if this is a good option or if I might regret not saving up and replacing all of the cabinets!?

Tell me what to do!

I have a stainless fridge and double ovens...we still need to replace the dishwasher and cook top...oh and that pesky range hood...which will help tremendously, but I have visions of black and white dancing in my head. 

 I'll keep you posted!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Voice

Do you watch The Voice? 

I don't really like reality tv as a rule, but I actually know one of the contestants
on this season of The Voice. 

Not only do I know him, his parents live three houses down from us and a million years ago I actually babysat him.  It may have only been one time, but hey when he's famous I have my claim! lol

Please tune in and watch The Voice and vote for Chris Mann!! 
This isn't really even a big request, because if you watch him you'll want to vote for him, he's that good!

He's super cute too!

Later skaters!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello again!

You know what truly impresses me?  All of the amazing bloggers in blogland...the ones that have full time jobs, kids, a house, a life and still maintain their blogs.  I'm terrible, I suck, I don't get it done. I am a month or three later.  I have a list of projects a mile long, I look at it alot, but haven't decided where to go next. 

Another thing I'm bad at, though it's one of my favorites thing that others do is the old before and after.  I do OK with the after, it's the before I'm not so good at.  Here are some "After" projects I've done since we moved in.  Let me apologize up front for the poor picture quality!  We finally got our DLSR fixed (to the tune of $220), but these were taken before we got the "good" camera back. (Although I would be lying if I told you the "good" camera took better pictures,
because the operator is just OK.)

A friend was cleaning out her storage unit and had this table and chairs.  She didn't want it anymore so she gave it to that's a friend!  Thanks Jo!

I just sprayed the rattan with flat black spray paint and recovered the fabric with indoor/outdoor fabric from Joann's.

Our house has that funky 60's formal front room.  I have tried to make it more casual by adding this table and chairs in the front window and making fun curtains.

The book page wreath I made from blogland inspiration, but the mantle needs some styling help.

Picture this lamp chipping old yucky brass.  I bought a pair of these lamps at the Goodwill, they were $1.99 a piece and found the fun lamp shade at Tuesday Mornings for $14.99.  They turned out way better than I expected.

This was a wood trunk that I found at my church garage sale for $30.00.  What I liked about it was that the lid was the same on both sides, so I immediately thought it would make a great coffee table.  This was the second piece that I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I did a light gray on the bottom and a dark gray on top and only slightly sanded it.  I'm pretty happy with it although it doesn't photgraph well.

Finally, here are some before shots of our front hall way, I hired some helpers to help me pull off the wallpaper.  Have I mentioned recently how  much I HATE wallpaper?  No, well, there it is.

What can I say, they work for pancakes! :)

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