Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some times you just gotta take a hammer to it...and a Giveaway at Crazy Wonderful!!

So...after my girls weekend, Monday was President's Day.  I spent Monday cleaning out my closet while watching the show Hoarders.  Have you ever done that?  It made me want to throw out everything... I'm not a Hoarder, but that show made me question it. 

Anyway, I know you've heard me talk about my lovely 60s kitchen.  Well, I guess I snapped because I went in and took a hammer to a portion of the backsplash.  This was not a well thought out plan...because as soon as I did it, I thought about the fact that I really need to replace the counters before I can replace the backsplash.  I've decided that I'm OK with it, because sometimes I just need to feel like I'm seeing progress...even if it takes awhile.

This is the area I demolished worked on. This picture was taken the day we moved in:

This is the after:

I've since found out that because there is so much left over adhesive, it may be easier to cut out the sheet rock and replace it.  No biggie, right?!


My friend Shelley at Crazy Wonderful is having a great giveaway!!! 

Guess what you could win!!!

Ramsign is offering one lucky reader one of their gorgeous house number signs (1-5 digits) of ANY size and color.

International readers, you can get in on this too!

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