Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning

We've been busy little bees at my house lately.  We moved into this house last February (2011), but we haven't really organized anything until recently.  I've been so busy being overwhelmed by projects and while a few projects have gotten done, most haven't.

We have a little shed/work room off of our garage, between the garage and the backyard.  This last weekend we tackled that room.  I found a really cool storage rack that I wanted for the basement, but it is as tall as it is wide, so we would have had to cut it in two to get it into the basement so for now we have opted to keep it in the storage room.

Before (sort of):

We had already taken down some rickety shelves on the left wall and moved a ton of old rusted tools that were left by the previous owner.

This is our garage...can you tell we need to clean it out too?  It still has our old ovens, old stove, and tons of miscellaneous crap everywhere.  Our garage has two single doors and when we moved in it didn't occur to us that there wouldn't be two garage door openers...well there is only one so for now we are just piling crap on the side without the electric opener.  That's on the list!


It's such a good feeling to have something organized, even if it is the storage shed.

What's next?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Harper's Room - Before & After

OK, so I told you about replacing the carpet in our upper level here.  Harper's room perplexes me a little bit.  She has a curved wall in her room, so it looks mostly blank...
I'm still not sure what to put on that wall...


See the curved wall to the right... this picture doesn't show it very well.


  The old nasty carpet is piled up in the middle of the room.

After/In Progress:

Harper's furniture: the bed, nightstand and dresser were my Grandmother's.  When my Grandmother passed away. I was 19 and would soon move into my first I was the lucky (if you can call it that) recipient of the furniture.  I am a very sentimental person so I love having a piece of my Grandmother in my house.

Harper's bedding is all from TJ Maxx.

Notice Harper doesn't have a closet door, it's been sitting in the basement waiting to be painted for over a year.  I need to get on that!

I got the letters for Harper's name above at Ballard and the curtains are from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

What do you think?  Do the walls look too much like Pepto?  It's pretty bright...

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Ollie's Room - Before & After

The first thing we did, actually before we moved into this house was to replace the carpet on the second floor.  There was nasty yellow shag carpet in Ollie's room, nasty blue shag carpet in Harper's room and newer nasty peach shag carpet in the master bedroom...and yet another color shag carpet in the hall and spare bedroom. It even crunched under foot as you walked on it.  Both the hubs and Harper suffer from terrible allergies, and Harps has asthma so I knew we needed to rid the upstairs of 45 years of allergens. 


I found a plush cocoa brown carpet that is SO soft under foot that we laid it throughout the entire second level. I also painted all of the wood trim BM Chantilly White.


 After/In Progress:

The curtains are white with pink polka dots from Pottery Barn Kids.  I actually had them in Ollie's nursery when she was a baby.  The bed was $30.00 at a local flea market, although it was green when I bought it, and you might recognize the nightstand next to the bed from here.

The white matelasse is from TJ Maxx and the floral bedding is from Target. 

Notice above that the mirror is absent.  This is an antique dresser and the mirror was hazy, so it's sitting in the basement waiting for me to get the glass replaced... 
Give me a break, it's on the list! :)

I had all glass knobs from Hobby Lobby, but when I recently made a trip to Anthropologie in KC, I found these knobs on the sale rack, so I picked up two.

It's far from being done, but that's the story of my life! 

What do you think?  Do you like it, do you have suggestions?  Let me know!!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh Pretty Please...

Hi there, you may remember me posting about local kid, Chris Mann, competing on this season of The Voice... Well he's made it another round and we would love to see him go all the way!! Please watch Monday night and vote your little hearts out!!! He's really good, so you won't regret it...

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nightstand Makeover

About two years ago a friend gave me a little blond, but somewhat boring end table. 
Ollie has never had a suitable nightstand, so when we moved into this house it moved into her room and became her nightstand.

I've been talking about painting the nightstand/end table like for-ev quite some time, but this past weekend, since the weather was A-Maaz-ing, I finally got off my butt and got it done. 

OK, so I had a little help... Ollie did quite well, considering she's 4 and not a tidy painter. 
Thank goodness for Annie Sloan Chalk really can't screw it up!

I used ASCP, but I left the paint fairly thick and didn't antique it...and then gave it a thin coat of clear wax.

I had a few extra glass knobs from Ollie's other furniture make-overs, which add that little extra to make them adorable... I need to get over to Hobby Lobby to pick up two more.

Oh and while I had the orange paint out, I finally did one of the Pinterest projects I've had pinned

My inspiration piece used straight pins, but I sent the hubs to the hardware store, and he came home with furniture tacks.  Not exactly what I would have gotten, but they look pretty cute! 

I used a scrap piece of wood, printed out Ollie's name in a bold font, cut out each letter and just started hammering in the tacks.  Then I just wound embroidery floss around each letter. 
I think it turned out pretty cute. 
(One Pinterest project down, 1,412 left to go!)
I think it will look SUPER cute over Ollie's tall dresser!

P.S. I have finally taken some after (or at least in progress) pictures of both girls rooms that I'll be sharing next time!  See why I chose orange for the nightstand...
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

It's been busy around my house lately.  I've actually got a lot to share, but today I just wanted to show off my Easter babies...and my hubs.

Dad helped with the Easter egg dyeing yesterday, while I made two breakfast casseroles for
church this morning.

I found a blog recently that is Penny from Happy Endings (one of my new favorite shows) would say.  It's called Sewing In No Man's Land.  Kelly is quite the world traveler, being the wife of a foreign services officer.  She has mad sewing and photography skills.  I'm a beginner sewer (technical term), but decided to take on Kelly's Fitzgerald In Lace dress.

While my dresses don't look exactly like Kelly's beautiful dress, I thought they turned out really cute.  It took me about 8 hours (two Friday nights and a few beers) to make both , with the help of a friend who actually knows how to sew.  We had to tweak the collars, because when I cut them out with the pattern I didn't allow for I made three different sets of collars...  I was a little scared to sew on the collars, so my friend actually sewed them on for me.  I used a really pretty white Swiss Dot for the main dress, and Red Satin for the bows.  The lining was just a thin polycotton.

I have to confess that the girls were not happy about the dresses at all.  Neither one liked that they were white and they complained about the red bow...but being the mother I am, I told them the Easter  Bunny wouldn't come if they didn't wear them...H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E
I know!!!

I think they look pretty cute, but that's just me!!!
(The dresses look really short in this picture, but they are just above the knee.
Just the angle of the picture, I guess, nor does it do the girls justice!  Much cuter in person!!)

I also made them the sock bunnies from Lil Blue Boo's tutorial.
(Mine look a little scary, but the girls liked them!)
Ashley from Lil Blue Boo has an amazing blog, and an amazing story, go check her out!!

I hope you have a blessed Easter!!

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