Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning

We've been busy little bees at my house lately.  We moved into this house last February (2011), but we haven't really organized anything until recently.  I've been so busy being overwhelmed by projects and while a few projects have gotten done, most haven't.

We have a little shed/work room off of our garage, between the garage and the backyard.  This last weekend we tackled that room.  I found a really cool storage rack that I wanted for the basement, but it is as tall as it is wide, so we would have had to cut it in two to get it into the basement so for now we have opted to keep it in the storage room.

Before (sort of):

We had already taken down some rickety shelves on the left wall and moved a ton of old rusted tools that were left by the previous owner.

This is our garage...can you tell we need to clean it out too?  It still has our old ovens, old stove, and tons of miscellaneous crap everywhere.  Our garage has two single doors and when we moved in it didn't occur to us that there wouldn't be two garage door openers...well there is only one so for now we are just piling crap on the side without the electric opener.  That's on the list!


It's such a good feeling to have something organized, even if it is the storage shed.

What's next?

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Shelley {Crazy Wonderful} said...

Cool rack, where'd you find it?

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my gosh.. wow!! I need to do spring cleaning too.. and you've inspired me.. :)

house cleaner salt lake said...

Needs some cleaning badly. Have a couple hours of spare time.

Brandi said...

Oh boy, you should see my garage. It's bad! Yours looks great though! So nice and organized.

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