Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm in trouble...

My blog is obviously named for Harper & Ollie, my sweet little girls. 
Harper is 6 1/2 and Ollie is 4 1/2,
 and I already know I'm in trouble... 

Look at these two hamsters!!

Ollie has been begging me, literally begging me to buy her a hat and a long blue dress...Well, the stars aligned last weekend because Harper was at a play date, so I took Ollie to Target...what a mistake!  First stop was the dollar aisle where they had these beautiful wide brimmed hats for $2.50 (dollar my ass), so of course we needed to get one for both Ollie and Harper. Then we wandered over to the girls department, because my precious 4 year old is wearing a 6x or a girls Small,
both my girls are 95th percentile tall....where there was this lovely blue maxi dress...well of course we had to have that...and then in the shoe department there was an adorable pair of pink flats...well a little DIVA was born. You should see her prancing around the house...too funny!  Oh, she also wants a short blue wig...I think she's gonna be a trendsetter!

Though not quite as dramatic, Harper got a hat too and is as sassy as ever!!

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Where did the time go?  How do they grow up so fast?

Can I stop time...because I feel like they are 4 & 6 going on 24...


Shelley {Crazy Wonderful} said...

That is funny!!! Ollie looks so grown up!

Amy said...

They are so friggin cute. It really sux ducks. I wish they could stay little forever. I feel your pain. Both of our kids are ginormous. Sammy is in a 6 too. One of these days I am going to take a pic of her height chart at school. It's pretty funny. Sheesh. Both my kids need clothes, shoes, underwear...the list goes on.

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