Monday, July 9, 2012

Ballerinas...they're not!

I am definately behind on my blogging!!!  Where did June go? 
I guess we've been busy, so I need to catch you up!

Harper & Ollie started dance lessons in January, and we had our first recital the end of May.
Both girls were put in the baby (beginner) class, and let's just say that they towered over the other babies...  They're both tall to begin with, but at 4 and 6 they were by far the tallest girls in the class.

This was supposed to be a costume-less year, but all of the mom's wanted to have costumes.  It was all of nothing, so I couldn't say no...and besides look how cute they are!! 

They had to do their "princess" walk across the stage one at a time, stop in the middle and blow kisses.  It made me so proud that they didn't even hesitate, while a lot of the girls got nervous and would either not cross the stage, or would run across.  Maybe they were made for the stage?! Lord help me!

I just can't get over how time flies...
Where did my babies go?


Shelley {Crazy Wonderful} said...

That first picture is my fav!

Amy said...

That last photo has me, so sweet. Love the tutus!

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