Sunday, January 27, 2013


So, how do you follow your favorite blogs, websites, etc?
Several months ago, there was scuttlebutt all over blogland about Google Friend Connect going away.  GFC was where I would follow all of my blogs, whether they were wordpress,
blogspot, .com, etc. 
Not being super savvy, I didn't know exactly how this would affect me.  So first I jumped on the Linky Followers, but to be honest I still don't think I'm doing that one right.  If you are a linky follower, do you ever see my posts?  Enlighten me!
Next I heard about Bloglovin.  Are you down with Bloglovin?  OK, so I LOVE Bloglovin.  You set up an account, you search for any blog, .com etc. click to follow and you have a list of updates.  It will tell you how many posts are out there for each blog.  You can read them one blog at a time, or you can read all of them from newest to oldest.  I love it, because I don't have to go to multiple places to find the info I'm looking for and sometimes I get way behind on the my blog following.  I can log in to Bloglovin and see the ungodly number of blog posts that I am behind on, it could be's happened. I apparently follow some dedicated bloggers! You can also find new blogs that you might not know about.
I can even follow my own blog just to see how it looks to everyone else. Apparently I am the only one following my blog on bloglovin too. Ha!
Try it out and let me know what you think or if you have any other tips, let me know, I have a lot to learn!
So on another topic, we just got a new mailbox.  Does this excite you?  Probably not, but I have to tell you, it's pretty exciting to me.  I don't think I realized how desperately we needed a new mailbox until we actually got one.
We also replaced our hall lights and entry lights.
I'll be back with pictures soon!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Dining Room - Progress

Hello there! 
I put my ideas for the dining room makeover out there in July...never thinking it would take until October to complete come close to completing it.  Knowing my history with projects of this type, I really should have known though.
You can see my original dining room post here.
First up was this pesky shelf in the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.  I opened that sucker up and it sat that way for months.  My brother came over and helped me frame it in, and again it sat.  Fast forward to October, when I scheduled my Halloween Party and boom, I thought I gotta get this crap done.




I, having never sheet rocked in my entire life, cut the sheet rock, mudded, taped and sanded that bad boy.   Is it perfect?  Far from it...if you are looking at it in the right light, it's not as smooth as I would like, but flat paint is pretty forgiving.  Thank the sweet lord for that!

Next, I removed the doors from the built in and started painting it this beautiful green color, which is BM Kelly Green, color matched by Sherwin Williams.  I painted the actual built in and it sat for a few more weeks.  Then one day I removed the glass from the doors, which was fairly painless.  I even bought the replacement glass back in August, but didn't actually install the last piece until the night before the Halloween party...yes I suck, I know!


I also glazed the built-in, with a dark gray glaze, which looks awesome, but my suggestion is that you apply the glaze all at the same time, because you tend to use different amounts of pressure when applying the glaze and wiping it off  - if it's done on different days. 
That's why the glaze is darker on some doors than on others. 
I still think it looks OK though.

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I also sanded the counter top of the built-in and stained it a darker color.  It started as a light maple color and now is a darker wood grain, which is closer to the color of my dining room table. I used Minwax stain in Ebony and a couple coats of clear poly.
I was home with a sick kid one day and decided to make the most of my time and made my no-sew curtains.  They were seriously the easiest element of the whole room.  I then used a tutorial I found on Pinterest for "fake" pinch pleats.  I think it looks pretty good, but I bought gommets and have been contemplating adding them, but am not sure I want to go that route yet. 

I LOVE this fabric, I think the curtains look amazing.  The funny thing is that I found the fabric online and was so excited because I couldn't find it at any of the fabric stores in town, and then the other day I walked in to Hobby Lobby and they had it...oh well.
Don't mind the puzzle that's on the dining room table...ha!
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I painted the paneling, window, and crown molding BM Chantilly Lace white, which is the same color I've painted all the wood work in my house so far. 
Oh, we also removed the nasty yellow shag carpet that was in the dining room, and have yet to replace it.  My plan was to paint the plywood, but when you are trying to finish a project of this scale basically the week before you have a party, something doesn't get done and that's what didn't get done. Truth be told, here we are several months later and it's still not painted.
I found this fabulous light fixture on, which is totally my new favorite website.  I've ordered several things lately from the site and have been totally pleased with every purchase.  Besides after I ordered this light, I was still looking around online to see if I liked anything better and found this exact same light at Menards for like $100 more.
 It totally looks better than I even expected.

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I think the hardest decision I made in redoing this room was the paint color for the walls.  I've been using a lot of gray tones in my house and wasn't sure how that would look with the curtain fabric.  I just didn't know...and I waffled and waffled and never could pull the trigger on any color, even on test colors.  Well, I have a friend, who I have mentioned on many occassions, Shelley (Crazy Wonderful), who had just purchased some paint to use in her family room...well she hated it.  I told her I would be willing to try it in my dining room, praying that it would work, because I was totally tired of thinking about it...and thank the sweet Lord, it did work and I think it looks great!  Better than I even could have hoped.  Sorry, I don't have the color...but it was a Glidden Flat color matched to a Sherwin Williams Gray.
So literally the night before the party, the hubs finally hung the light, I finished hanging the doors on the built-in, we laid down the new rug, brought the chairs back up from their basement hiding place and voila.
I am still deciding what to hang on the walls, but I have been picking up white iron stone plates at thrift stores lately with the idea of hanging a plate wall.  We'll see what I decide.
What do you think? 
Do you like it? 
What would you have done different?
If you like what you see, become a follower!!

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year - New Goals

So, I've had a post written since November showing the updated dining room, but I guess Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, New Year's and other things have gotten in the way of my taking pictures to actually publish the post. 
It is my goal to get pictures taken this weekend so that I can show off the dining room.
As far as the title of this post, New Year - New Goals...I haven't been a consistent blogger, ever.  My goal this year is to be just that...consistent.  It may not be every day, there is no way I would ever be able to accomplish that, so why try.  What I will try to do, is post weekly. 
I have been working on a whole list of goals that I want to accomplish in my house this year as well as personal goals, so maybe if I share them, I will feel accountable and will get them done.
Thanks for hanging in there, I really do enjoy blogging, but I let life and laziness keep me from it sometimes.
I look forward to "seeing" you more often!
Have a great weekend! 

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