Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

So this Valentine's Day I was determined to make cute, homemade Valentines for the girls to hand out.  My idea was not original, in fact, it has been all over Pinterest and blog land for the past couple years.  I wanted to do it last year, but just-didn't-get-it-done.
So I take the girls pictures over the last couple of days, and then last night I edited them in PicMonkey (which is SO EASY)!  I then emailed them off to Walgreens to develop know cause I'm in a hurry...

So the hubs goes by on his way home and picks them up for me. 
Ollie's turned out OK, but the borders of Harper's were all jankey...but what am I to do when it is the night before Valentine's Day?

Nothing...they will work just fine!

So I get them all put together and show the girls, and Ollie bursts in to tears.  She had some idea in her head that I was going to make a virtual lolly-pop...and she didn't like the real lolly-pop...

I was dumbfounded, but after crying for about 30  minutes she decided she was OK and that she liked the Valentines.

Thank you Lord!!
 Don't mind the Starbucks back in the background!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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