Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kitchen Makeover - During

Let me start by saying that the title may not change for awhile, knowing me...haha!  Once the new counters are put on, we will install the backsplash and I will start painting, which is what will take the longest.  I am going to try and get it all painted in a decent amount of time, but I never know how long it will really take so bear with me!
I thought I would pop in and show you some during pictures.  Right now the kitchen smells like a cedar closet and looks like a maple wood cave, but if I squint really hard I can see what it will look like soon.  If you haven't seen the before pictures you can go here, and if you want to see my plans you can go here.
Without further ado:
That nasty bank of cabinets if finally gone.

Where the bank of cabinets met up with the other cabinets there was a big open area, so in order to make it look a little better and give me a place to put some decorative items, we built some open shelves.  Plus, the coffee pot didn't fit under the cabinets before and now it does!

I'll need to trim out the bottom of the open shelves so it looks nicer, but we haven't figured out what we're going to do yet.

We had the peninsula built out to a short bar so the girls can sit at the bar and help me in the kitchen.


Remember that weird little kitchen desk?  Well, we had tha removed so that we could add the beverage refrigerator and add some shelves.  We are planning to build a platform under the fridge, because after putting it in place it looks a little low.

Here is our beautiful new sink!!! 
Although it is longer in the front so we will have to retrofit the doors.

Here is the view when standing in front of the sink.  I love that I can look out and see the kitchen table, while not having to duck.
(Oh and the chickens up on the ledge will be going buh-bye.  They are left over from our last house and no longer fit with my decor.  If anyone wants some chickens let me know!)
Next up, we are having he counter installed.  Hooray!  I will show pictures along the way!

As much as I love DIY, we did hire a great handyman to help us with the kitchen.  If we were to do it, it would having taken a month and we would probably end up getting a divorce so a few hundred dollars has been well worth it!
What do you think so far?

I would love for you to follow along so you can see my progress!


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kitchen Inspiration & Choices Made

Well, we've removed the laminate from the counters, and are just starting to tear out the upper bank of cabinets.  We are getting some help to build up the desk, and to extend the counter for a bar.  While I would really like to tackle it, working full time and not having the appropriate tools makes it hard.  I found a handyman that comes highly recommended, and is relatively inexpensive, so having it all done in a day sounds better than us trying and it taking a month! Ha!
 Below are a few of my inspiration pictures:

Venegas and Company - kitchens - Yoke Pendant with Small Shade, gray, walls, white, shaker, kitchen cabinets, black, granite, counter tops, ebony, kitchen island, white, carrara, marble, countertops, beveled, subway tiles, backsplash, pot filler,


So now, here is what we're doing:
This is the laminate we've chosen:
It's called Bianca Luna and it is by Formica.
I am also planning to use white subway tile for the backspash, so I think it will look really nice.
I'm really like the pulls in the above picture, so I may go with those for the cabinets as well.

This is the sink & faucet I've already purchased:

I'm not sure what we will do on the floors yet, because a lot will depend on taking out that wall.  I want the flooring in the family room to flow through the kitchen and back down the back hall, so if we do the flooring now and later take out the wall, we will just have to redo I'm ok waiting until we're ready.  I'm sure this house will be a work in progress for years to come!

What do you think?  I would love your feedback!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kitchen Makeover: Before

Well, it's finally happening, we're starting on the kitchen.
I've shown pictures of the kitchen before, but today I'm showing you in depth how tragic the kitchen really is.
Let me remind you that this house was built in 1965, and hasn't been changed since.  I know some of you love that mid-century modern look, but me, not so much.
 When we moved in we had all matching brown appliances, the stove, oven, and dishwasher. Since then we have replaced all of those appliances.  We first replaced the ovens because the old ones didn't really work, basically burning everything.  Next, a friend of a friend was updating their kitchen, so we took the stove top and the hood off their hands for a mere $75.00.  Most recently we bought a new dishwasher.  We do still have the original sink, but I have a new one ready to be installed.
 Here we go:
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This is the view from the family room.  I would LOVE to remove the wall between the kitchen and family room, because it would totally open up the space.  While that is still a goal, we aren't prepared for the expense right now.  That sucker is load bearing.  What you can't tell from the picture above is that the wall is straight across where the mmirror is, but then it takes a 45 degree angle where the door way is, so it's not just as easy as taking out the wall, there will need to be major engineering involved.  (I don't want my house to fall down.  This wall holds up the 2nd floor.)
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As you walk in to the kitchen, this is the bar to the right.  It has a built in desk, which as you can see has become the crap catcher.  We have a first floor mother-in-law's suite that we are using as an office.  We have a desk for the hubs and a desk for me so we really have no need for one in the kitchen.  We are going to raise it up, so that it is one continuous bar, and then my goal is to put a beverage fridge underneath and have maybe a small book shelf for cook books.
Notice the big old fashioned radio looking thing, which has an Ipod dock in front of it.  Our house has an intercom system.  Right now it doesn't work, but if we can find someone to fix it, it would be pretty cool because we could play music at the main location and it would be piped throughout the house.  1965 surround sound?  We're still figuring it out.
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This is what you see across from the bar/desk combo.  We have a nice eating area, but my plan is to extend the penisula so that there is a bar.  My girls love to help in the kitchen, but they are always under foot.  If I can get stools for the other side, they will be able to help and be out of my way.
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Here I'm standing in front of the fridge, so you can see the kitchen from the opposite direction.  We are planning to take out the upper bank of cabinets to open up the kitchen.
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I still haven't sheetrocked the opening over the stove.  In my dining room post, I showed you the hole that I sheetrocked.  This is the other side of that hole.

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I know the layout of our house if sort of confusing.  But behind where I am standing in the above pictures is a hall that leads to the front room and the dining room.
If I can ever figure out how, I will try to draw up a floor plan.  It's a typical 60's style house where you could come through the front door, socialize in the front room, eat in the dining room and never see the mess of the family room and kitchen.  Sorry, I know I'm not painting a very good picture.
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The plan is to paint the paneling behind the table BM Chantilly Lace white, and then I am planning to paint the cabinets black.  Not sure what color black yet.

 I really wanted to do quartz counters, but the $5000 price tag just isn't in the budget right now.  We can put down new laminate for $500, so that is a major difference and it will still make the kitchen look 1000 times better!!
Demolition starts tomorrow...I will post later with the plans for the kitchen.  I already have laminate picked out, purchased a sink and have a plan for paint.

I'm sure it will take me forever to paint, but I'll try to update you as I go!
What do you think?  Any suggestions?

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