Friday, August 23, 2013

Trimming the fat...

Do you have cable tv? 
I do and and I'm not happy about it!
We have the bundle.  You know the home phone, tv, internet bundle...the one that gives you all of the glorious discounts.  With all of those lovely discounts, we are paying up to and sometimes over $200.00.  I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous!!
My hubs has been trying to get me to get rid of the home phone for ever, but with little ones, I've always had a hard time giving it up.  The whole, "what if we have a babysitter and the police/ambulance/firetruck needs to find our house"... well, I think I've finally decided we can do without the darn home phone. It's only solicitors that call it anyway.
Not to mention we are slaves to the TV.  I find myself getting sucked in to some ridiculous movie or tv show and I don't get jack squat done in the evenings...soooo....
We've decided to go the Roku/Hulu/Netflix route...
 I went ahead and signed up for Netflix, can you say $7.99/month?!


I'm a little late to this party...because OMG, I love it!

I don't know if this will help the slave to the TV thing, but there aren't time constraints, so I can always watch it later!

We also signed up for Hulu Plus.

I haven't watched much yet, but at $7.99/month I think it will work just fine.  You can watch new network shows the day after they really what are you missing out on.

We did have to sign up for Xbox live in order to stream both Netflix and Hulu Plus, but it's pretty slick and only $5.00/month.  I even googled and found that I could buy a year for $48 through Amazon instead of the normal $59.99. Score.

We plan to buy the Roku boxes for the rest of the TVs, but they are reasonable and will give us the ability to watch TV on all the TVs.

I'm really curious to see what else is out there!  I hope more and more people drop cable so that they realize that screwing the customer really isn't cool!

(This wasn't a paid post, I just want to spread the knowledge that there are alternatives out there!)

Have you gotten rid of Cable?

What do you watch instead?

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